Cards by Suit/Month

There are a total of 48 cards split into 12 suits, with each suit corresponding to a month of the calendar year. 




How to Play Hawai'ifuda

There are several variations and ways to play. This is the method taught to me by my mother who grew up on Maui, Hawai'i.

  1. Each player draws a card at random. Player with the earliest month deals and plays first, clockwise.
  2. Dealer hands out cards according to the number of players using the table below:
Players Cards in Hand Cards in Center
2 8 8
3 7 6
4 5 8
5 4 8
6 3 12

The remaining cards are left face-down in a stack.

  1. Points are earned from discarding a card from player's hand to match a suit from the center. Cards worth 0 pts claimed from a match are discarded to a separate "rubbish" pile. If player has no matches, they must still relinquish a card to the center.
  2. Player then must draw a card from the faced-down stack If the drawn card matches a suit from the center, player may also claim those points. Player's turn ends.
  3. Players continue until all cards have been discarded from their hand.
  4. Player with most points wins!

Based on the Japanese card game Hanafuda (Flower Cards).