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B. Miyo Art

HAWAIʻIFUDA SERIES: ʻOlena Original Painting

HAWAIʻIFUDA SERIES: ʻOlena Original Painting

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Acrylic on Canvas, framed with wire hanging
Featuring four 8x10” canvases in a “window scene” style 

Frames handcrafted by my father, approximately 18x22”

From my HAWAIʻIFUDA series - my interpretation of the classic Japanese flower card game of Hanafuda. Based on the Chrysanthemum cards.

Hawaiian interpretations of the popular “Hanafuda” game have been done before…but I’ve always wanted to do my own version featuring endemic, native, and canoe plants/species integral to Hawaiian culture, while also honoring aspects of the original Japanese version.

ʻOlena,or turmeric, is used to treat inflammation. Its strong yellow pigment was also used as a natural dye for kapa.

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