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Kahului Mini Bumper

Kahului Mini Bumper

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7.5" x 1.86"



Bumpers and full illustration coming soon!

Illustrating a panoramic view of Kahului was a challenge I put on the back burner for a while. I appreciated a lot of the suggestions (the mall, the harbor, Kanaha, etc), but I had to think to myself what Kahului meant to me.

Kahului originally served the need for more housing for plantation workers and was appropriately named “Dream City” during its development…as a reflection of immigrant families hoping to attain the American Dream.

When I think about Kahului, I think about getting lost trying to pick up my friend from their house…despite all the houses and yards reflecting Hawaii’s rich diversity. I remember my grandfather driving me around, trying to guess the ethnic background of each Ohana based on their architecture and landscaping…almost like a game. This might sound mildly racist to someone not born and raised in Hawaii, but as a local,born and raised, I can say that we perceive our melting pot and loving jabs toward each other as a badge of pride. 🥰

With this illustration, details are of vital importance…green yards, not-so green yards, chickens, bougainvillea, mango trees, and decorative concrete walls… drawing this reinvigorated my love for Kahului, especially as the holidays are drawing nearer as one of my favorite childhood past times was looking at Christmas lights and painted cartoon character cutouts in several neighborhoods.

While much of Kahului has become hardware stores, industrial businesses, mega marts, and fast food restaurants, the Kahului I grew up with and still hold dear in my heart is a home that perfectly reflects Maui’s mixed plate.

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