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B. Miyo Art

Kaulana Mahina Print

Kaulana Mahina Print

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Māhealani, the fourth and brightest full moon phase of the Hawaiian lunar calendar, Kaulana Mahina, holds significance for several cultural and agricultural practices. Optimal for planting, and harvesting, Māhealani is associated with low tides and cultivation.

Mauna Kahālāwai’s serene mountainscape features Nā Wai ʻEha, or the four waters that consist of Waikapu, Wailuku, Waiehu, and Waiheʻe. Gazing upon these breathtaking mountains, sometimes shrouded in cool trade winds and misty clouds, invokes a sense of gratitude for a foundation that home provides.
A thriving loʻi comprised of Mauna Kahālāwai ridges and lush greenery not only suggest farming. They also represent ʻohana, and is a homage to all individuals fortunate to root in this special place.
Swimming towards the roots are schools of aholehole, known to frequent both lower streams and the reef. These fish represent community and adaptability, as we support each other through celebratory and challenging times.

printed on Royal Sundance felt specialty paper by Maui Print Works in Wailuku. 8x10” image with 11x14” matte.

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