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B. Miyo Art

Kaulana Mahina Wood Print

Kaulana Mahina Wood Print

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While some may view the wetlands not as “glamorous” as lush rainforests, I was amazed to learn about their biodiversity and importance of sustaining life for several threatened/endangered species.

Featuring āeʻo (Hawaiian Stilt), ʻAlae Keʻo Keʻo & ʻAlae ʻUla (Hawaiian Moorhen), Makaloa sedge, Koloa Maoli (Hawaiian Duck) and her ducklings, ʻAukuʻu (Heron), Pinao (Dragonfly) and Pinao ʻUla (Damselfly)

Digitally printed by Chromaco in Oahu, Hawaii on birch wood. Printed using archival ink, a transparent ink that allows the wood grain visibility amongst the artwork. Ready to hang with just a single screw or nail!


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