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B. Miyo Art

Luahoana Print

Luahoana Print

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8X8” with matte

La Perouse, South Maui

Featured in the group show “Dreams, Signs, and Omens” by Maui Artist Cooperative at Sabado Gallery in Wailuku.

Upon entering a group exhibition with the theme “Dreams, Signs, and Omens,” I had to ponder my subject matter, as I’m unfortunately someone with really mundane dreams. After some reflection, I thought about all the experiences I’ve had where reality hit me so beautifully it almost felt like a dream. I moved to Japan when I was very young, and there I was thrust into so many sublime moments…I really thought my heart would explode.
When I experienced my darkest depressive episode everything came to a halt. Realizing that happiness was fleeting and that I was insignificant strangely became healing as I got older.
I missed those aches of happiness I had when I was young and naive, but glimpses of those feelings come back. Experiencing the night blooming maiapilo, its striking but delicate contrast against the dark, jagged volcanic landscape…glowing in the light of the full moon. I was intoxicated by its perfume and had a hard time questioning whether or not I was dreaming. And for the first time in a long time, I was overcome with the same beauty, pain, and joy of discovering something new for the first time.

photographed by S Leilani Allen

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