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B. Miyo Art

Makawao Town Print

Makawao Town Print

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While I’ll always be a 96793 city girl, I’ve always been enamored with upcountry Maui and fantasized about living in a forest and riding horses. Makawao Town is a quaint, historic area of Maui with a variety of boutiques and galleries. Growing up on an island where any drive over 20 minutes was a “road trip,” my mom would take me to Makawao as a treat. Now I find myself visiting Makawao on an nearly weekly basis because it’s important to treat yo’self ;) 

Here are just a few of my favorite spots: the charming architecture of the old town, Liquor Shack with the MOST AMAZING decadent FULL FLAVA Teri burger 🍔 …Komoda Bakery 🍩 which has been family owned and operated for over a century…the museum which documents Makawao’s history with the Paniolo, or cowboy 🤠 community…and Hot Island Glass where you can actually enjoy viewing the process of glassblowing…and lastly, one of my favorite places on earth: Makawao Forest Reserve 🌳 🌲. I hike here with my father at least 3 times a month and I never get tired of the forest which showcases the best of Maui’s microclimates. Other highlights are the cycling trails & courses and the creepy Blair Witch Project inspired teepees that seem to pop up out of nowhere.

Places I wish I could fit in: the (de-funct) toy store where I bought my Madeleine doll with stitches after her appendicitis (NEEEEEEERD) and Makawao Library where my grandmother, Miyoko Onaga, was a librarian for several years. 📚 👵

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