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B. Miyo Art

Nēnē & ʻāhinahina Print

Nēnē & ʻāhinahina Print

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Proud to present my first series of limited edition prints based on indigenous Hawaiian fauna and species.Nēnē goose and ʻāhinahina (silversword) can be found at Haleakalā, otherwise known as the House of the Rising Sun. Locals and tourists alike enjoy visiting this sacred area to view the majesty of sunrise and sunset seemingly above the heavens.Thousands of feet high in elevation above the clouds, the ʻāhinahina shines brightly against the dark landscape of volcanic cinder.Nēnē often travel in pairs and groups, so be extra careful when driving nearby the world's rarest goose.DISCLAIMER: All photos were taken with great respect towards their subject matter. Frames and or prints were never leaning upon the ʻāhinahina. Silver sword is an extremely delicate, endemic plant and should never be touched.

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