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B. Miyo Art

Paia Prints

Paia Prints

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Pāʻia, you were such a labor of love but you really came through! I could begin to describe Pāʻia as a beachy Haight-Ashbury, but in no way does that encapsulate the deep aloha felt through this historic town. Illustrating this was bittersweet, as I’ve found so many things have changed from the Pāʻia I knew as a little girl. My aunty’s lei shop Kaui’s Florist, Charley’s, the general store…and way too many more to mention are dearly missed. But I felt it was important to appreciate the town for what it is now, as it continues to change quickly. 

Mahalo to Wings Hawaii for supporting local artists…this gorgeous boutique is renowned for its carefully curated and hand sewn/embroidered clothing, precious gem stones, and homage to the mermaid in all of us. 

Mana Foods is a Paia staple where the health conscious flock to buy their groceries and nourish their souls. Growing up with all the allergies and sensitivities, my Ohana will always be grateful for their conscientious service to the community.

On that note, Artisan Ice Cream offers several dairy free options with ono flavors like honey lavender and Lilikoi butter.

Although de-funct as an institution, the Old Maui High School’s beautifully haunting architecture continues to inspire local photographers. My uncle was one of the last classes to graduate, and the honorable Patsy Takemoto Mink was an alumni. Mahalo to Friends of Old Maui High School for preserving its legacy.

Pāʻia Mantokuji Soto Zen Mission hosts one of Maui’s most popular Obon festivals and was founded by Japanese immigrants over a century ago.

Kūʻau Store, with its iconic fence of colorful surfboards, has been a beloved spot for locals and tourists alike as a haven on the road to Hana.

Pāʻia Youth & Cultural Center is a non-profit which offers several activities and opportunities for keiki, with close access to the beach and an impressive skate park.

Lastly, Hoʻokipa is a famous surf spot and its beach is home to several honu.

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